Nubia to introduce a flexible smartphone to wear on the wrist

12 February 2019

Nubia has shown a teaser for a flexible wrist-worn smartphone. The Chinese cell phone developer, a subsidiary of ZTE, has confirmed that it will bring its flexible mobile device to Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

The company recently published a video on the smartphone wristband. It is expected that in Barcelona the device can already be seen by the general public.

Гибкий смартфон на запястье Nubia

In the video, the company emphasized the slogan "Flex Your Life," which translates to "Curve Your Life." As shown in the teaser, the smartphone is designed to be worn on the wrist. The idea of a mobile device of this type was shown by the Chinese developer at the IFA 2018 exhibition. Then it was called Nubia α.

The technical characteristics of the new Nubia smartphone are the same as those of the usual gadget. However, it is still difficult to say whether wearing the mobile on the wrist will be comfortable. But the very fact that it is unusual is not worth disputing.

For all its interesting characteristics, the new smartphone will cost less than other similar flexible models, even because of the size of the display.

In the event that this mobile format proves convenient, it will replace the classic models in the possible future.

Гибкий смартфон на запястье Nubia