What bugs did iOS 12.1.4 bring?

12 February 2019

The new iOS 12.1.4 was recently released. Immediately after the update, users began to complain about serious problems with it.

For example, among other things, there were complaints about the inability to access cellular data and connect to Wi-Fi. Some users' gadgets stopped seeing the SIM card.

Какие проблемы принесла iOS 12.1.4

This applies to new bugs. The developers still haven't fixed the bugs with voice memos and AirPods performance degradation. Not fixed bugs in TouchID and some other features.

If users have not encountered problems with their gadgets before, then after the OS update they began to report glitches. At the same time some of the users iOS 12.1.4 didn't hurt at all.

Experts reassured users of "Apple" products, saying that we have to wait for the next update. Then Apple will fix all the existing problems.

By the way, in iOS 12.1.4 bug, because of which it was possible to spy on the participants of group calls in FaceTime, has been eliminated. The bug was found by a 14-year-old high school student. "The Apple company promised to reward the boy.