Inoi 246Z battery will last two months

13 February 2019

Inoi announced a new phone that has enough battery power for two months. A great option for those who like to go on long hikes in the wilderness without being able to charge the cell phone.
Inoi 246Z can be without charge in standby mode for two months. At the same time the phone can act as an external battery. This is the main focus of the company-developer.
This means that the new phone Inoi can charge even other devices. Its battery because of its power allows it to do this.

The price of this phone is 1,990 rubles.

Inoi 246Z

In addition to the battery with a capacity of 4 750 mA / h, Inoi 246Z has a shockproof metal casing and a powerful LED flashlight. It is noteworthy that this interesting new product can be charged not only other smartphones, but cameras, MP3-players and even navigators.

Inoi 246Z has three slots for SIM cards, there is Bluetooth 2.1, the display - 2.4 inches. The phone is equipped with an FM-radio and a 3.5 mm jack for headphones.

Inoi 246Z

The RAM and flash memory of the phone is 32 MB each. The camera resolution is 0.1 megapixel.

You can pre-order the phone at the official website of Inoi. Sales will begin in late February.