Voice input of five hyphens in iOS 12 "kills" Iphone

13 February 2019

From one update to the next, iOS gets bugs of some kind.

So iOS 12 is no exception. What is "killing" the Iphone this time?

The bug in the latest operating system update was noticed by a Twitter user with the nickname JosieNatorie. Let's see what this time disables "apple" smartphones.

If you open the keyboard of any text entry app, select voice input and dictate him five hyphens in a row. According to a Twitter user, the Iphone will begin to reboot immediately.

Голосовой ввод пяти дефисов в iOS 12

After which particular update such error began to appear, no one knows. However, Apple has not reacted to this problem yet.

Before the appearance of this bug, users have noted at least two previous similar errors. First - in iOS 8 appeared Arabic characters. The second - in the 11th update of the operating system a black dot popped up.