Chrome 69 will put another nail in the coffin of Adobe Flash

22 August 2018
Google Chrome version 69, which is expected to be released on September 4, will take another step toward ending support for the Adobe Flash plugin. The browser started getting rid of Flash in 2016, promoting HTML5. This manifested itself in the need to activate the Flash player manually. However, at the moment, having activated the player once, it remains on even after the web session ends and the browser restarts.The developers decided to fix this "flaw". Starting from version 69 of Google Chrome you'll have to activate the plugin to display flash content on web sites after each browser launch. Thus, users will have to manually enable the plugin each time they visit the site, which is frankly inconvenient. This torment will continue until 2020, and that is when Adobe will cease support for Flash plugin finally. In addition, the new version of the browser will bring the corporate material design of Google. The appearance of the tab bar and address bar will change to be more consistent with design requirements.