VKontakte launches its own app platform

23 August 2018
It has become known that VKontakte is launching a new platform called VK Apps. It is a kind of platform where third-party developers will be able to create their own services and integrate them into the social network. Thus, it will be easier for "VK" users to order a cab or meal with delivery, pick up a tourist trip and, in the future, much more. The advantage of VK Apps platform is that users will not have to specify the name, address, bank cards data each time, because all information will be taken from the profile, if access is allowed. Developers can register on the platform for free and roll their own services on it. At the moment it is known that VK Apps already has a cab "Taxovichkoff", a delivery service "Party Meals", travel agency TourGlobal and a number of other services.