Scientists have created an app that will extend the life of your smartphone

23 August 2018
Many manufacturers come up with their own ways to save smartphone battery power. However, as a rule, these ways either reduce the performance of the device, or in some way limit its functionality. Now we know that researchers from the University of Waterloo have managed to develop a new application that will extend the battery life of your smartphone without reducing its performance. The application is designed mainly for Android OS, as it uses the multi-window mode, which appeared recently in the operating system of Google. In fact, the app automatically reduces the brightness of the part of the screen where the inactive app is located. In other words, the app reduces the brightness of the inactive part of the screen, which greatly saves on battery consumption. Tests with 200 smartphone users have shown a 10% to 25% improvement in battery life. Unfortunately, the new app is not yet available to the general public. Plus it has a number of limitations, namely it works only with OLED displays. Nevertheless, it is certainly an interesting method of solving one of the most important problems of modern smartphones. And maybe in the future it will be adopted by major smartphone manufacturers.