Windows 95 turned into an application for Mac, Windows and Linux

24 August 2018
Microsoft Windows 95 holds a special place in the hearts of millions of users around the world. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated fans, the OS was launched on the Apple Watch and Android Wear, and even on the Xbox One gaming console. Now, thanks to one Felix Reisberg, Windows 95 has come to computers in the form of a small app for modern versions of Windows, Mac and Linux.The new app is available to everyone who wants to feel nostalgic. It doesn't need to be installed or configured, just downloaded and started. The OS is almost fully functional: all standard programs and games, OS settings work, you can browse the disk etc. Unfortunately, the programs that require network connection - Internet Explorer etc. - don't work. The application itself, in which Windows 95 is wrapped, takes up only 128 MB on the hard disk. And after launching it takes a ridiculous 200 MB of RAM, even after running all available programs and games. In case of any problems, you can "reboot" the operating system and continue to indulge in nostalgic feelings.