Circular - a smart ring that monitors your health

09 February 2020

What's new on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform? The Circular campaign was a great success. It's a smart ring from French developers.

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It needs $20,000 to start mass production. In the end - Circular raised 150,000. The first batch will be ready by August of this year.

What's interesting about the product? The gadget serves to increase the owner's productivity. It monitors the user's health around the clock. A gift for those who care about their health.

For example, the device has a heart rate sensor. Is everything okay with your heart rate? Circular will tell you if there is a problem. Other indicators, too, are fixed.

Separately, it is worth noting the design. The device pleases with a waterproof case. This allows you to wear the accessory anywhere. By the way, its design is simple. Nothing superfluous, no patterns.

Thebattery life is not bad. You will need to charge Circular only once in 3 days. Recharge is carried out using a proprietary docking station. The whole process takes one hour.

Support for smartphones based on Android and iOS. Synchronization is done via Bluetooth. Collected statistics are displayed in a mobile companion app.

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Circular will go on sale for 179 euros.