MarsCat - a smart robot cat

10 February 2020

Aibo robot dogs are known to everyone. Sony's developers did a good job on them. People liked these toys, they have millions of fans. But what are cat people to do?

Image - Elephant Robotics

An unusual project, MarsCat, has appeared on Kickstarter. It raises funds for a curious new product. Fans of robotic animals can expect a cat.

What's great - the fate of MarsCat is decided. Its creators have only asked for 20 thousand dollars. Kickstarter users donated about 200,000. Mass production of the product is just around the corner.

What can the machine do? First, it recognizes voice commands and images. Second, MarsCat changes poses thanks to 16 built-in actuators.

Third, the cat communicates with its owner. It makes sounds and does not hide its emotions. It is easy to guess it by its eyes. The latter use OLED screens (with appropriate animation).

A self-learning function is available. Said will allow you to form a unique character. Everyone has his own MarsCat, unlike the others. Inimitable.

We should also mention the possibility of reprogramming. To accomplish this will help MarsCat SDK. This software is a real gift for enthusiasts.

Image from the site -

By the way, MarsCat is based on the Raspberry Pi 3. We're talking about the famous single board computer. Many developers are familiar with this system.

Sales will start in May this year. The official price is $1299. However, it's not hard to save money. It's enough to place a pre-order on Kickstarter. Investors will get MarsCat for $699.