A luxurious version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is unveiled

11 February 2020

There are many rumors about Samsung's upcoming new product. We are talking about the flexible smartphone Galaxy Z Flip. A full-scale announcement has not yet been made. The company only showed a promotional video at the Academy Awards.

Image from caviar.global

However, Caviar decided not to wait for the presentation. The Russian manufacturer showed a luxury version of the device. The version is called the Samsung Galaxy Z Joker & Harley Quinn.

The gadget, as it is easy to guess, is unusually designed. The device is dedicated to the heroes of DC comics. Namely - the Joker and Harley Quinn. About the latter the other day came out the film "Birds of Prey".

Samsung Galaxy Z Joker & Harley Quinn is surprising design. The phone is stylized as a deck of cards. On the back side there are images of the characters. You can see the engraving with miniature suits.

The case deserves special attention. It is created by Double Electroplated technology. Caviar covered the device with 999 gold. The product looks impressive.

Alas, it was not without its disadvantages. The first of them is that Samsung has not published specifications. There is no exact information about the "guts". The second drawback is the price. Samsung Galaxy Z Joker & Harley Quinn costs $5180. Such an amount of money is not affordable to everyone.

The official release date is February 11 this year. It will debut at the Samsung Unpacked 2020 event.