Xiaomi introduced a non-contact thermometer

11 February 2020

Xiaomi is not only about cool smartphones. The company produces many other devices. Especially on the Youpin platform (which collects donations for the production of gadgets).

Image from gizchina.com

Youpin, by the way, was created by Xiaomi itself. Here is another novelty from there. There was the announcement of a curious product called Barcon. Such a device will come in handy in every home.

Barcon is an affordable non-contact thermometer. It works very fast. It is enough to point it, for example, on your forehead. The device will show the temperature at once. The error is 0.2 degrees.

How does the wonder of technology work? It measures the level of infrared radiation. Said is carried out by the appropriate sensors. The results are corrected by special algorithms.

The measurements made are stored. They allow you to monitor changes in the state. The information is displayed on a small LED screen. The latter is characterized by high clarity. White text, black background - nothing unnecessary.

Apart from the body - the device is suitable for any surface. How warm is the milk for the baby? Barcon will tell you. Sales start February 26 this year. The price is $24 U.S. dollars.