Corning introduced the strongest glass for smartphones

20 July 2018
Corning introduced a new generation of protective glass for smartphones - Gorilla Glass 6, which, according to the creators, embodies a decade of development experience.The manufacturer insists that Gorilla Glass 6 is the most durable glass Corning. It is reported that the production of glass uses a completely new material, which has gone through a very rigorous test. In particular, during the laboratory tests it was found that Gorilla Glass 6 can withstand 15 falls from a height of 1 meter on hard surfaces. Corning says that compared to Gorilla Glass 5, the new glass is not only capable of withstanding more falls, but also "flying" from greater heights. In addition, according to the manufacturer, Gorilla Glass 6 is suitable for both the front and rear panels of smartphones. Most likely, the new smartphones with the most durable protective glass Corning will appear on the market in the coming months.