Purchases by Russians in foreign Internet stores will not be subject to additional tax

20 July 2018
Information has appeared online that the State Duma has decided to strike one important clause from the draft law "On Customs Regulation". It is reported that it allowed the Russian Government to establish separate payments for individuals making purchases in foreign Internet stores.It is a question of deleting the following phrase from the text of the law: "The Government of the Russian Federation has the right to establish payment for goods purchased by individuals as part of international electronic trade, as well as the procedure and terms for its payment". Thus, the Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes has decided not to give the government such authority and to return to the original version of the bill. Please be reminded that while in Russia you can purchase goods from foreign Internet stores and not pay duty on them, if the value of purchases does not exceed €1000 per month and the weight - 31 kg. If you exceed this limit the duty will be 30%, but not less than 4 Euro per 1 kg. Such rules will not always apply. Already from 2019 the limit will be toughened and the maximum value of duty-free purchases will be 500 euros, and from 2020 - 200 euros.