Developer Digest: about machine learning, Stack Overflow survey results and WhatsApp

15 May 2019

The YouTube video hosting service makes it possible to compress a long ad to a 60-second clip. It does this with the help of machine learning. The system was invented for the Bumper video format. They can't be skipped before you watch the video.

YouTube now has a tool that can automatically make a teaser out of any long ad.

This makes life easier for advertisers, who now don't have to wait for the video to cut into production.

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A survey by the website Stack Overflow revealed a major thing in the programming environment. For example, Python was recognized as the fastest-growing programming language. In 2019, it surpassed Java, falling into second place in popularity. Rust still has the palm.

The next fact concerns age. It is noted that about half of the respondents wrote their first code at the age of 16. But this does not mean that if you think about changing the profession, say, at the age of 30, you will not succeed. With proper diligence, anyone can become a programmer, regardless of what age they began to learn this field.

According to the survey, DevOps specialists and website reliability engineers are paid the most. In addition, almost all programmers and developers are happy with their choice of profession.

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Unknown hackers used the messenger WhatsApp to spy on human rights activists and journalists in several countries. The NSO Group was suspected of preparing the attacks.

According to some reports, several people in different countries were victims of the attack. Among them was a British lawyer who had previously sued the NSO Group over the phone hacking of a Saudi dissident. The lawyer suspected that his phone had been hacked when WhatsApp received several video calls from Swedish numbers.

At the same time, WhatsApp engineers discovered the vulnerability. It affected the voice calling system.

Cybercriminals took advantage of the messenger breach to embed malicious code on some users' smartphones. A comment from WhatsApp representatives said that the vulnerability was found in the WhatsApp VOIP stack - an attacker could cause a buffer overflow using a series of SRTCP requests.

дайджест для разработчиков

The virus infiltrated the smartphone during a call, without necessarily accepting an incoming call.

Now the breach in WhatsApp has been fixed, and messenger developers recommend that users install an update to the app.