ASUS decided to use liquid metal in notebook cooling systems

06 May 2019

Today's technology is imperfect. Even large manufacturers fail when producing powerful laptops. For example, in MacBook Pro 2018 the cooling system could not cope with the heat removal from the Core i9-8950HK processors - the device performance fell. To avoid such, ASUS decided to use liquid metal.

The company is going to use the new technology in ASUS ROG octa-core processors with 45W heat pack. Thus, the developers want to improve the efficiency of heat transfer from the processor to the cooling system. As a liquid metal will be used German Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut.

The thermal paste consists of tin, indium and gallium. With a thermal conductivity of 75 W/m∙K, it will reduce the temperature of the CPU by 13 degrees Celsius compared to standard thermal grease. ASUS has also developed a strict dosing rule to prevent the liquid metal from leaking out. At the point of contact with the CPU a special system will be installed, which also prevents leakage.

Now new thermal paste is already used for Core i9-9980HK processor cooling in ASUS ROG G703GXR notebook.