VK Messenger desktop application gained support for community messages

19 October 2017
An update of the desktop messenger from the social network VKontakte has been released. The main new feature is support for community messages.The new version of VK Messenger will allow community administrators to connect an unlimited number of their groups and public pages, which will make communicating with subscribers even more convenient. This will be greatly helped by flexible notification settings. For example, the program will allow to enable notifications only for a part of the communities, or leave them only for important dialogs. Recall that the final version of the desktop messenger from VKontakte was released in July of this year. Since its release, the application has provided a set of features for communication in the social network, familiar to ordinary users. In addition to text messaging, VK Messenger allowed sharing documents, images, as well as recording and transferring audio. Thus, it was just a matter of time before the introduction of community messaging support. The new version of VK Messenger is already available for Windows, macOS and Linux users. Everyone can download it and get acquainted with the innovations in person.