Motorola announces Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon's Alexa assistant

19 October 2017
Motorola has decided to expand the capabilities of its Moto Z smartphones with a new modular Moto Mod panel. It is a smart speaker with support for Amazon's voice assistant.The new smartphone panel from Motorola, now owned by Chinese company Lenovo, is called Moto Smart Speaker. Its main feature will be the ability to control digital home devices, thanks to the support of Amazon Alexa voice assistant, without the use of additional gadgets. The speaker itself boasts two 27-mm 8-watt speakers, a built-in 1530 mAh battery, which will provide up to 15 hours of battery life, as well as four powerful microphones. It is reported that Moto Smart Speaker will allow you to search for information on the Internet, get the weather forecast and much more. At the same time, downloaded data will be displayed on the smartphone screen. The start of sales of the smart speaker from Motorola is scheduled for November 2017. It will be available wherever Amazon Alexa is available, at a price of $149.99.