Beethoven's Tenth Symphony will be completed by an artificial intelligence

22 December 2019

Beethoven is known to have composed nine symphonies. He began work on the tenth, but did not finish it. The composer died before its completion. Only handwritten sketches and notes remain.

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Many people would love to hear this masterpiece. Fortunately, progress is not standing still. Technology makes it possible to do amazing things. Deutsche Telekom has prepared a surprise.

Artificial intelligence experts have taken on Beethoven. The AI got access to all the music of the genius. It has also studied the master's rough drafts. With their help, the machine will finish the work.

The novelty will be performed in Bonn on April 28, 2020. It will happen at a concert in honor of the anniversary of Beethoven. It has been 250 years since his birth. A significant date.

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AI will recreate No. 10 in the author's style. The first versions didn't come out much alike. But the latest versions sound right. If Deutsche Telekom is to be believed.

How things will turn out in the end - we will know in the spring. However, experts are skeptical. The University of Manchester believes that the AI will distort Beethoven's idea.