Popular 3DMark and PCMark tests become free

23 December 2019

January 14, 2020 will be an amazing day. Why? First, Microsoft will get rid of Windows 10 Mobile (1709) and Windows 7. The operating systems will lose support.

Image from benchmarks.ul.com

Second, UL Benchmarks will do something similar. The company will drop 3DMark Ice Storm, 3DMark 11, 3DMark Cloud Gate, Powermark and PCMark 7 performance tests.

The programs listed above will be "scrapped." They will stop being updated and improved. But there is a silver lining. Each of the benchmarks will become free. Previously, you had to buy them.

What is the reason for the generosity? UL Benchmarks has recognized the applications as obsolete. They are not suitable for modern "hardware" (graphics gas pedals and so on). On newer PCs, the results are irrelevant.

Image from hwbot.org

But for old computers it is a gift. They will get full-fledged 3DMark 11 or PCMark 7 for free. All that remains is to wait for January 14.