A robot will feed everyone with pizza at CES 2020

23 December 2019

There is not much time left until CES 2020. It is reported that the event will showcase an unusual new product. Namely, a robot that makes pizza.

Image from businesswire.com

All visitors will be able to try it. No shortage is expected. The machine produces three hundred servings per hour. It is designed by Las Vegas Convention Center and Picnic.

The name of the platform is Picnic. It is based on automation, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies. AI is constantly learning, improving the outcome.

Working at CES 2020 is not Picnic's debut. The prototype has previously been tested at the American T-Mobile Park. It is also planned to be put to work at Christmas.

Image from businesswire.com

The Picnic is designed to bake in large quantities. It can be set up to produce other products (besides pizza). Space requirements are minimal.

The project is suitable for any kitchen - mobile and stationary. There are no problems with integration. All equipment is modular. The configurations are flexible.

Does Picnic taste good? We'll know in a few weeks. CES 2020 starts on January 7, 2020. Those interested are invited to Las Vegas, USA.