Registration in social networks in Russia may soon require a passport

11 April 2017
It seems that in our country they may make life more difficult for trolls and limit the stay of schoolchildren on the Internet. The thing is that Vitaly Milonov, one of the deputies of the State Duma, introduced a bill "On the legal regulation of social networks and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation", which provides for new restrictions.One of the main restrictions can be called a ban on the use of social networks, such as VKontakte or Odnoklassniki, by persons under 14 years of age. This is what many Internet users had hoped for, and now it may be destined to happen. Among other things, these measures will help protect children from harmful information published by trolls. However, in the case of the bill, when registering in the social networks, everyone will have to specify their passport data to confirm their age, which may not please everyone. The safety of minors will be ensured through the imposition of a ban on the sale of various goods by remote means to persons under the age of 18. It should be added that in addition to children, employees of budgetary organizations, which are proposed to prohibit at the legislative level the use of social networks during working hours, also fall under restriction. Other legal entities are offered to regulate the access of employees to social networks in the additional conditions of the employment contract. The document also provides a ban on the use of fake names in social networks. It is expected that these measures will help fight against fake pages and exclude the possibility of registration under another's name and publication of compromising materials. It is too early to judge whether this bill will be adopted and whether it will retain its original form. In addition, representatives of United Russia stated that they had nothing to do with Vitaly Milonov's bill and expressed doubts about the need for the proposed restrictions.