Facebook introduced its own assistant to Messenger

10 April 2017
Surely many people have heard that a year ago Facebook announced an assistant of its own design. Finally, the assistant, called "M", became available to users of the Messenger application on Android and iOS gadgets. However, so far we are talking only about U.S. residents.In many ways, M is similar to Google Assistant, working as part of the messenger Allo. Thus, the assistant from Facebook analyzes conversations and, if certain keywords are found, allows performing the appropriate actions. So, it will help to send stickers to the recipient, to make the payment, to call the car through Uber or similar applications, and much more. It is worth adding that the work of M is supported by a group of real people. They not only monitor the correspondence, but also contribute to improving machine learning technology and perform the actions that the assistant can not yet do. M entered the market rather late: after all the niche of personal assistants has already been occupied by the products of other large companies and many will probably refuse to change their habits in favor of another assistant, offering no principally new features. The more so that at the first stage it will only be available to users from the U.S., and everyone who wants to try the novelty from other countries will have to wait for a while.