Zello service may be blocked in Russia

10 April 2017
For one reason or another, many people have probably had to use walkie-talkies to communicate with other people. However, not everyone has such devices. Therefore, as a substitute for real walkie-talkies, some smartphone users began to use the application Zello. However, it is possible that in the near future the service will not be available in our country.The thing is that Roskomnadzor has sent to the company Zello notice of the possibility of blocking the service in Russia due to non-compliance with the law "On Information, Information Technology and Information Protection". Representatives of the American company posted copies of the letter in the official accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The published document stated that Zello did not comply with the requirements of Part 2 of Article 10.1 of the Federal Law № 149, namely, did not not notify Roskomnadzor of the beginning of its activities in the country, which requires entering the service in a special register. If these violations are not corrected, the company's servers, used for the work of mobile applications with the same name, will be blocked. It is worth adding that Zello applications have become popular not only among ordinary users, but also among various activists, including for coordination during protests. In this regard, the increased attention to the free app-ration for mobile devices is understandable and even logical. In their turn, representatives of the American company refused to eliminate the violations and stated in their official blog that the demands "are not only technically absurd, but also contradict the principles of Zello". At the same time, they express the hope that the blocking will not take place or will be ineffective and offer users to send a corresponding complaint to Roskomnadzor. What will come out of this, we will know in the next few days: when the deadline for elimination of violations expires.