Experts tell why charging to 100% is bad for smartphones

24 April 2019

Fully charging your smartphone is harmful. That's what the experts said. Let's find out why.

So, charging your phone to 100% reduces the life of its battery. The same applies to its full discharge. The battery of the device thus falls into disrepair more quickly and becomes unable to hold the charge for the time stated in the technical specifications.

Dmitry Ryabinin, head of the Hi-Tech Mail portal, reminded more smartphone users how important it is to monitor the smartphone battery. If the gadget is left connected to the network when it reaches full charge, its battery heats up under the influence of voltage.

Эксперты рассказали, почему зарядка до 100% вредна для смартфонов

According to the Hi-Tech Mail expert, the smartphone should be unplugged when it has reached a charge level of 90% or slightly less. In this regard, "fast charging" is good - when the gadget battery is charged to 70%, the process slows down and the battery cools down.

Fully discharging the smartphone is no less harmful. Frequent charging from the off state of the gadget reduces battery life, says the expert.

So how to properly handle a smartphone battery? "The best thing would be to keep your smartphone charged during the day," summed up Dmitry Ryabinin.