New York student sues Apple for $1 billion over facial recognition system

24 April 2019

In 2018, a young man was detained in one of the stores. He allegedly committed a series of thefts from Apple outlets.

The 18-year-old said that the photo that was attached to the arrest warrant was not him at all. However, the store's facial recognition system found that the student's face matched that of the suspect, who attacked the store several times.

Студент из Нью-Йорка подал иск на $1 млрд на Apple из-за системы распознавания лиц

According to The Verge, district attorneys have already dropped charges against the guy. They have been analyzing the store's camera footage. So far, however, the student is charged with theft by all accounts.

"Apple claims it doesn't scan customers' faces after the teen sued for $1 billion," the publication said.

The young man went to court and sued police officers and Apple. But, in all likelihood, he won't be able to get $1 billion. "The Apple company says it does not use facial recognition in stores.