Elbrus OS. What do the experts think?

24 April 2019

Elbrus OS was made publicly available for download at the beginning of April. The operating system is a domestic development project of the MSC organization. The official website of Elbrus developers states that users can order for themselves distributions of the protected version of OS for x86 and SPARC platforms. In addition, distributions for open x86 operating systems are available for free download. The system was developed for civil servants, interested people and it-specialists.

Representatives of the company said that during the first week the operating system was downloaded more than 50 thousand times, and because of the influx of those who wanted to download Elbrus, the download links did not work for a while because the servers could not stand it.

However, earlier we told you that the figures were exaggerated - in fact, only 10,000 downloads of the operating system took place immediately after its download.

We asked the developers if they liked the domestic operating system and what it might be interesting for.

Artyom, C# programmer:

"I'm not a psychopath to put myself an Elbrus OS. It is designed for government agencies. The developers have reworked the Linux kernel to create their own processor, and I believe that this is not really justified. Also, it's expensive. But even the fact that this operating system did not cease to exist after the presentation, as is the case with many others, is already encouraging. The prospects are hazy, but after the possible isolation of the Internet in Russia, we will have our own axis and processor."

Andrei, Delphi and C++ programmer:

"The Elbrus operating system is a ported version of Debian 8.11 based on the Linux kernel version 4.9. After this line my interest faded. Would I use it? Probably not. It would have been interesting to try it and see what it could do, that's all. In fact it's "Linux". Under the "Linux" is not a lot of programs, there are problems with the compatibility of the office.

Ivan Korsukov, developer:

"This is the first time we've heard about this OS. Unfortunately. What prospects it has depends on political will. The market will probably not accept it for a long time, they will use broken Windows or free Ubuntu.

In May 2019, specialists want to update the Elbrus OS to version 4.0. It will also run on Linux, only the kernel version 4.9.