Face ID may be useless for children and twins

29 September 2017
Not so long ago, Apple introduced a new flagship smartphone - iPhone X. The device, among other things, has received support for a new authentication technology - Face ID. The start of sales has not yet officially started, but Apple has already published a document in which they acknowledged the existence of problems in the face recognition function.In particular, the company's representatives warn that Face ID can fail to recognize twins and children under 13 years old, because their features are not fully formed. Even siblings who look similar to each other made the list. Interestingly, Apple doesn't consider this a problem and simply recommends in such cases not to use FaceID, activating gadget protection with a password instead. Recall that during the official announcement it was stated that Face ID is not only much more advanced than other authentication methods, but is also able to recognize attempts to unlock the device using a photo or mask. Also, according to representatives of the company, the technology will be able to recognize the user, even if he wears a hat, glasses, change hairstyle or grow a beard. It is claimed that Face ID can malfunction in only one in a million cases, but as it turns out, children, people with siblings, and twins do not fit into that number.