Broadcom introduced a new chip that will improve the accuracy of GPS on smartphones

28 September 2017
All those who are used to using their smartphone as a navigator, periodically have to deal with the inconvenience caused by low positioning accuracy and significant power consumption. The fact is that at the ION GNSS + Summit in Portland, Oregon, Broadcom presented its new GPS-chip BCM47755. According to the company, it will improve the accuracy of positioning up to 30 cm, compared with 5 meters, which could offer its predecessor. In addition, the chip is more economical, which will reduce power consumption during the use of GPS in half. It is worth noting that the chip Broadcom BCM47755 works with GPS signals at frequencies L3 and L5. Dual-band will allow the most accurate determination of the location of the user, even in dense urban areas. This combination has never before been used in GPS chips designed for the mass market segment. This makes the new product Broadcom, in its own way, a pioneer in the smartphone market. Unfortunately, there is no exact information about the first smartphones, which will be installed a new chip from Broadcom. However, it is known that BCM47755 will be installed on mobile devices in 2018.