Facebook will hide users from artificial intelligence

03 November 2019

The research division of Facebook told about the creation of its own face de-identification system. The algorithm changes a person's face in a video and can thereby fool the recognition system.

Similar developments already exist to change faces in photos. Now it will be possible to hide from artificial intelligence on video, even if it is broadcast in real time.

The machine learning system distorts basic facial features while preserving facial expressions, lighting and speech. According to the authors' idea, these changes should be little noticeable for a live observer, but the artificial intelligence will no longer be able to identify the person.

The researchers explained the need for such a solution by the fact that in recent years, facial recognition systems have been developed too actively and they are often misused.

Although the developers of the algorithm assure that the character in the video is unrecognizable only for recognition systems, during the test to identify the person was not able to live people. Slightly more than half of those surveyed were able to correctly identify the character in the video.