Google enters the smart watch market

03 November 2019

Google has taken a major step toward finally launching its own smart watch. The corporation confirmed the purchase of Fitbit, one of the leading brands manufacturing wristwatches.

Reportedly, Google was supposed to release its first "smart watch" under the Pixel brand back in 2016. But then those plans were abandoned, because the device failed to develop any special options that would distinguish it from its counterparts already available on the market. Now Google has at its disposal powerful resources for a successful attempt to enter a new market for itself.

Now Fitbit products are used by about 28 million people around the world. Experts estimate that the deal will allow Google to enter into competition with Apple, the current leader in the market of smartwatches. The buyer has not yet shared its plans for the fate of the acquired brand. But experts believe that the Fitbit brand is likely to cease to exist as a result of the takeover.

Google representatives assure that the corporation does not abandon its own developments in the field of wristwatches and will continue to develop its own software for Android Wear devices. But, according to them, the best results can be achieved only by combining the achievements of the two brands. And this position once again confirms the pessimistic predictions about the fate of the brand Fitbit.

After the takeover Fitbit products will still be compatible with Android and iOS platforms. Google promised to bring better components, software and artificial intelligence to the wearable devices and assured all current Fitbit device users that it has no plans to use the fitness tracker data for commercial purposes, to customize Google Ads.

The deal was valued at $2.1 billion and is scheduled to close in 2020.