Facebook secretly turns on smartphone cameras

13 November 2019

The social network Facebook has millions of fans. However, people should not trust the project 100%. Sometimes unpleasant things happen to the platform.

Image from thenextweb.com

Concerned about your privacy? Consider this: Facebook's mobile client monitors users. Literally - with your phone's camera.

We're talking about the iOS version. It turns the lens on without asking when viewing the news feed. This has been noticed by many iPhone owners.

The first to report the problem was Joshua Maddux, a web designer. He wrote about what was happening on Twitter. The young man discovered that Facebook was watching him.

Fortunately, the Internet giant isn't spying on purpose. A bug is probably to blame. For example, Maddux's gadget was "looking" at the carpet and not at the owner of the device.

The bug theory was confirmed by a test. Maddux found the vulnerability in 5 iPhones running iOS 13.2.2. There is less such activity on iOS 12 devices.

The glitch managed to repeat only on the iPhone 7 Plus. The device was running on iOS 12.4.1. The other builds are out of the risk zone. However, we want more guarantees.

Image from teknologi.inilah.com

Will Apple and Facebook release an update? Let's hope so.