China begins to develop 6G

12 November 2019

Not everyone has had time to become familiar with 5G yet. Five-generation networks have been deployed in only a few countries. Russia is not among them. We will have to wait for the novelty until at least 2021.

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The situation is completely different in China. 5G is actively being implemented in the Celestial Empire. Moreover - there is talk of the next phase. The development of 6G has been launched.

The initiative was taken by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. It will bring together specialists from various companies, institutes and universities.

The representatives of the relevant departments of China have also been invited. As you can see - 6G is given a lot of attention. The local authorities are aware of the strategic importance of the topic.

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Unfortunately, the project has just been launched. It will be years before the idea becomes a reality. Be patient. 6G will come in handy for unmanned cars, virtual reality and Internet access.

The above are only a small part of the "talents" of 6G. The full list will be determined after the roadmap is created.