Facebook Messenger will allow you to tell the other person about your location

28 March 2017
It's no secret that there are many messengers these days, and they all offer similar features. In order to attract new users and to get ahead of the competition, developers are constantly introducing new features in their creations, or adopting them from each other. So this time, Facebook has introduced into its messenger a feature that has recently been implemented in the Google mapping service. We are talking about the demonstration of the location.Now, when communicating in Facebook Messenger, anyone can tell interlocutors about their location. In this case, it will be possible to monitor the movements of this user for 60 minutes. This feature will be particularly useful not only when communicating with worried family members, but also to facilitate the organization of meetings with friends, especially in unfamiliar areas. In order to use the new feature, all you need to do is to click on the appropriate icon in the chat window. Despite the presence of the time limit, the remainder of which will be constantly displayed on the screen, you can disable the transfer of location data at any time manually. Stan Chudnovsky - the head of Facebook Messenger, said that the feature has been tested in Mexico before launching around the world. Experts agree that the introduction of the new features is designed to help the company compete with technology giants that already use similar functions in their products. The most prominent representatives of these are Apple Messages and Google Maps. By the way, the last product has a clear advantage, thanks to the ability to specify the duration of the demonstration of its location. The function of sharing information about the location has already been launched in Facebook Messenger, and all Android and iOS users can try it out in practice. To do this, you only need to install the current version of the application.