Samsung will return the Galaxy Note 7 gadgets to the market

28 March 2017
Representatives of Samsung have announced their intention to bring back to the market the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, notorious for numerous cases of spontaneous combustion and explosions around the world. Of course, the sensational gadgets will enter the market already upgraded, which gives some hope for the absence of new victims after the launch of sales.It is known that in order to identify and fix the problems, Samsung turned for help to two independent companies. Little is known about the details of the work done, but if we believe the rumors, the gadget will get a smaller battery, which should solve the problem of overheating. Thus, Galaxy Note 7 will be equipped with batteries of 3000 or 3200 mAh, compared to 3500 mAh in the previously recalled smartphones. Recall that Samsung has already announced the correction of problems with self-ignition of the gadget. Nevertheless, reports about the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire have not stopped. This was the reason for recalling all sold devices. Therefore, even if all the problems were finally fixed this time, it is unlikely the company will be able to so easily return the trust of potential buyers to the brand Note, not to mention the smartphone with an established and not the best reputation. It is worth adding that Samsung plans to resume sales of the sensational gadget only in developing countries, such as India and Vietnam. About the possible appearance of the device in Russia so far we can only guess.