Facebook is introducing story support into its mobile apps

29 March 2017
Because the Snapchat story feature was warmly received by users and quickly became one of the most popular features of the messenger, many developers rushed to adopt it. Facebook Inc. was no exception. A copy of stories appeared in its Instagram and then in the messenger WhatsApp. Now, support of such a popular function will appear in official applications of Facebook.After the introduction of the new feature, Facebook applications users will be able to take a picture with the help of their gadget's camera and publish their own story directly on their page in the social network. Of course, like in Snapchat or other applications, where this function is already implemented, before the publication you can add text, smileys or use various filters to the image. Also the story will be automatically deleted 24 hours after the publication.The developers have also pleased with one more new function: Facebook Direct. It is intended for sending photos and video clips to certain users of the social network in the form of private messages. The main feature of the new feature is the limited lifetime of the sent messages. The new features have already been officially launched and will be available to all users of Facebook applications on Android and iOS in the coming days.