The number of participants in the Windows 10 insider program exceeded 10 million

29 March 2017
The Windows 10 Preview program was launched more than two years ago: in October 2014. In its first year, the number of participants exceeded 7 million. Then, the growth in the number of those willing to be the first to get access to the new features of the operating system decreased noticeably and the 10 million mark was passed only recently.Company representatives note that such a large number of insiders allows receiving timely feedback on detected bugs and many wishes of what users would like to see in the new operating system. At the same time, there are some expected inconveniences. The Feedback Hub which is intended for sending the feedback to the participants of Windows 10 pre evaluation program is often just full of useless messages or off-topic comments, which slows down the processing of really useful and important for the company information. Despite this it is impossible to deny the importance of the insider program in the development of Windows 10. The huge number of testers also helped at least partially to get rid of the company's established reputation for not caring much about the stability of updates for its products. Thanks to the success of the Windows 10 preview program, similar programs were later launched for Office, Xbox, Skype and even Visual Studio. In this regard, we can well expect the company to launch a single, centralized insider program. Its participants will be the first to gain access not only to new features of the operating system, but also other Microsoft products, as well as influence their further development.