The free Fallout Shelter game became available on Steam and got a number of new quests

30 March 2017
The mobile game Fallout Shelter saw the light of day back in the summer of 2015. Then its iOS-version was released. Since then, the game has received many updates, released on Android, and then was translated into Russian. Last year, Fallout Shelter became available to PC users, and more recently the game was released as an application for Windows 10. It seemed that this should be the end of the distribution of the product and now we should expect the release of updates and new features, but the developers thought otherwise: Fallout Shelter became available on Steam.Like the previously released Fallout Shelter versions, you can download it absolutely for free. But this does not mean that those who want to develop their shelter faster don't have to pay to buy pets, mister helpers, lunchboxes or sets of quantum kernel kola needed to speed up production. From the pleasant moments, we should mention painless synchronization of the game progress with other computers, which became possible thanks to Steam service. Previously, most players had to transfer preserves from device to device manually, but now you can forget about these inconveniences. Also, many gamers will be glad to know that new achievements became available, and you can get them by performing some actions. They will keep you interested in the game for a long time. We should add, that together with the game's release on Steam, all versions of Fallout Shelter got more than 30 new quests. Also, special Easter mission was added to the game, passing this mission, the players will get, among other rewards, a legendary pet. Of course, Easter mission will be available for a limited time, so you will have to hurry up to pass it.