Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone with Bluetooth 5 support

30 March 2017
With the advent of new technologies, many people have probably already forgotten what Bluetooth is. And in vain, because a new version of the standard, number 5, is about to be released. In comparison with its predecessor, it has significantly improved characteristics and boasts a four times greater range, twice the speed of data transfer and support for high-speed mode with low power consumption. Gadgets that support the new standard will soon appear on the market, and the first of them will be the Samsung Galaxy S8.New gadgets of the South Korean giant - Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +, were presented yesterday: March 29. The smartphones got a frameless design, without buttons and sharp corners, got a virtual assistant Bixby and iris scanner. In addition, as mentioned above, the devices became the first owners of support for the latest Bluetooth 5 standard. First of all, it will allow users of such gadgets not to exchange files, but to broadcast music to two devices at once. This is made possible through the use of technology Bluetooth Dual Audio. It allows listening to music from one smartphone on two Bluetooth headsets or speakers. In this case, for each of these devices, it is possible to adjust the volume separately. The release of the new flagship from Samsung in Russia will be closer to the end of April this year, and then everyone will be able to try out the new gadget, not to mention the advantages of Bluetooth 5.