Twitter's 140-character limit on messages will no longer take user names into account

31 March 2017
Despite all the possibilities that Twitter offers its users, for many people this social network remains uncomfortable for communication. In many respects, the reason for this is the maximum message length limit, which is 140 characters. Not so long ago, the developers went to meet the users to somehow smooth these inconveniences. In September of the last year, the limit was not applied to photos and videos, and now the same changes took place with the usernames. Thanks to the latest innovations, it became more convenient to correspond in Twitter, especially in large groups. Usernames that begin with an "@" sign will no longer count towards the length of a tweet. This means there won't be as many characters to spare to express what you're saying. Moreover, you won't have to use the "@" sign anymore. The point is that notifications of new messages starting with the name of the account will be sent to all followers of the author of the tweet.It is worth adding that the names of interlocutors will now be automatically displayed above the text. Let us remind you that previously you had to put them in the text after the "@" sign, regardless of the number of discussion participants, which considerably reduced the number of characters you could use while writing a reply. These innovations have already been launched in both web version of the social network and official mobile Twitter applications. Anyone can try them out.