Facebook may get its own FaceID counterpart to restore lost accounts

04 October 2017
It seems that facial recognition technology is becoming more and more attractive to large companies. Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Apple have already introduced their own products based on it, and now it looks like Facebook will join this list as well.It is reported that Facebook is already testing a new function that will allow users to restore access to a lost account by confirming their identity using the gadget camera. It is also known that to use the function will be possible only from those devices from which there was previously a successful login into the social network account. This restriction should prevent intruders from getting access to other people's accounts. On the other hand, the question of safety of using the new feature still remains open. The thing is that Facebook will compare the image from the device's camera with the faces in the photos previously uploaded by the user, as well as the pictures in which he is marked. Thus, nothing will prevent the attacker from marking the victim in several of his photos and then seamlessly logging into his account. Although this would require the prior possession of the gadget from which the login was previously made. It is not yet known when testing of the new feature will come to an end and users will be able to try it out in practice. We can only hope that its implementation will not play into the hands of intruders.