Facebook starts fighting the spread of pornography

06 April 2017
These days, social networks are increasingly used for trolling and distributing offensive content. There is also a growing phenomenon called "pornography," which has been named for posting personal videos without a partner's approval, in retaliation for failed relationships and other grievances. To combat this type of content, Facebook is launching a new tool based on artificial intelligence technology.The introduction of the new tool was announced by the CEO of the company - Mark Zuckerberg, on his page in the social network. According to him, the artificial intelligence, which previously helped to recognize the faces of friends in photos and offered to mark them immediately in the picture, now will search for porn content. In this case, the AI will help remove the detected material before it is published. Previously, this was done manually by employees of the social network. It is reported that the innovation will help to fight more effectively against such a phenomenon as "porn," which has already been recognized as illegal in several countries. Along with the involvement of AI, the developers offer ordinary users to contribute and report all detected violations. It is worth adding that the innovation is launched not only in the social network Facebook, but also in Instagram and Messenger, which belong to the company. We can only hope that this time there will be no reason for any of the users to try out the innovations in practice.