VKontakte is testing its own virtual cellular operator

06 April 2017
Many people probably remember that last year representatives of VKontakte announced their intention to enter the mobile communications market. It seems that the work on the plan is almost at an end: the testing of the virtual cellular operator has already begun.The relevant information was published by the resource vc.ru with reference to representatives of the social network. According to them, in the app store for Android there is an application VK Mobile, designed to manage services and control the balance from your smartphone. In order to use it, you need to get a SIM card of the new virtual operator. However, how and where this can be done is unknown. When installing the application, the user is invited to visit a closed community of VKontakte, in order to join which it is necessary to wait for the approval of the administrator. Probably there you can get all the information you want.The VK Mobile application already allows you to recharge your account from bank cards and activate additional services, such as, for example, a promised payment. Initially, in the screenshots published on Google Play, it was possible to see information about the possibility to return 50% of the amount of purchases in the social network to the cell phone account. Since this image is now missing, we can conclude that the developers decided to delay the implementation of the cashback. Many people are probably wondering where the management of the social network got the resources to launch its own mobile operator? The thing is that VKontakte will use the infrastructure of "Megafon", which owns the current owner of the social network - Mail.ru Group. Unfortunately, information about the tariffs, as well as the timing of the launch of sales of SIM-cards from VKontakte, has not yet been officially announced. Anyone wishing to connect to a new virtual mobile operator will have to wait a little longer.