Facebook promises to rid Messenger of unnecessary features this year

17 January 2018
These days there are already a fairly large number of messengers, each of which, in order to attract as many users as possible, seeks to introduce more and more new features. Often, most of them are warmly welcomed by the audience, but in this race, many forget about the usability of their product. So, David Marcus - the head of Facebook Messenger, has already recognized the excessive workload of the messenger and promised to take action. In his message, Marcus spoke about plans for the future of Messenger. According to him, in 2018 the messenger will undergo big changes. Previously, the development team was chasing features without noticing that the program was becoming more and more cumbersome. In addition to messaging, it acquired games, a payment system, and even had a built-in assistant for a while. Messenger Lite was developed for users from developing countries, most of whom these features only hindered, but the lightweight messenger turned out to be in demand worldwide. Thus, the developers intend to carry out a radical cleaning of Facebook Messenger from everything unnecessary. Most likely, they will get rid of features that turned out to be the least popular with users and will improve the most popular ones. Nevertheless, it is too early to get excited about this event because the implementation from Facebook may turn out to be far from users' expectations.