Google will lower slow sites in mobile results

18 January 2018
Many people are used to searching for information on the Internet using the Google search engine. And this is not surprising, because the developers regularly make its use even more convenient, and the results in the output - more accurate. It seems that already this summer users will get another pleasant surprise. No one likes working with slow sites. Therefore, the developers of Google intend to reduce their position in the results. In this case, we are talking only about mobile search. Thus, already in the summer of this year, the company's search engine will start offering the user faster sites in the first place. Google called this innovation "Speed Update". Changes will affect only the slowest sites. In addition, the loading speed will not be the only indicator that will affect the position in search results. Thus, if a slow site will show good results for a number of other indicators, it may well lead the list of search results. It is worth adding that similarly, Google search on PC has been working for several years. Developers also already have access to all the tools they need to check their Web sites and will surely try to make sure they don't go down in mobile results. This gives some hope that by summer, the loading speed of many mobile sites will increase dramatically.