Yandex.Navigator is testing the search for hitchhikers for joint journeys

18 January 2018
Many people have probably used ride-sharing services such as BlaBlaCar or BeepCar more than once. It seems that soon they will have a new competitor, developed by Yandex. The service will be called Yandex.hitchhikers. It is expected that with its help, it will be possible to find hitchhikers for shared rides at a distance of 10 km and more. In this case, passengers will be offered to compensate the driver part of the cost of gasoline at the rate of 50 rubles for every 10 km. However, it is noted that this amount is not mandatory and passengers will be able to agree on the final amount. The company Yandex itself does not plan to earn on a new service. And while the service Yandex.hitchhiking is not yet officially launched, the function to find hitchhikers for drivers is added to the application Yandex.Navigator and is already working in test mode in the Rostov region and Krasnoyarsk Krai. Those wishing to try out the new service as a passenger will have to wait for the release of the official application, which is planned for the end of 2018.