Huawei will demonstrate fast charging technology this year

19 January 2018
Back in November 2015, at the 56th annual Electric Battery Symposium, Huawei first demonstrated its development, which allows charging gadgets by almost 50% in just 5 minutes. It seems that the company may soon begin to apply this technology in practice.Just recently, representatives of the company published a video in which they talked about their new technology. On the video it is demonstrated how a 3000mAh battery, taken from a smartphone, was placed into a quite big charger. Then, five minutes later, the battery was returned to the gadget, and the level of charge at that reached 48%. Thus, the representatives of Huawei insist that their technology allows charging conventional lithium-ion batteries 10 times faster than the developments of other companies. It is known that charging gadgets using the new technology will not affect the service life of the batteries in any way. However, it is likely that it will not work on the batteries, which until now have been installed in mobile devices. In any case, Huawei will demonstrate the work of its fast charging technology at MWC 2018. We can only hope that in two years of work, the company has managed to make the charger more compact.