Goznak released an application to verify the authenticity of new banknotes

19 January 2018
Surely many people have heard about a number of scandals related to the refusal to accept the new 200 and 2000 rubles banknotes in some major retail chains. This is due to the fact that few people know how to check their authenticity. In this regard, Goznak has released an application that will help to identify fakes and learn more about the main signs of the authenticity of the new banknotes.The application is called "Banknotes 2017". It analyzes the image from the mobile device camera and determines the face value of the presented banknote, checks the public signs of authenticity, as well as gives tips on how to perform a check yourself. In addition, the application can demonstrate animation of objects depicted on the banknote, using augmented reality technology. It is worth adding that so far the application "Banknotes 2017" is only available for gadgets running Android. The iOS version of the application will be released a little later.