Samsung Cloud will stop storing third-party app backups

22 January 2018
Many owners of mobile devices from Samsung are used to creating backups of important programs and storing them on the company's cloud storage - Samsung Cloud. It seems that very soon it will be necessary to look for another place to store backups.The fact is that the company has made changes to the service policy of Samsung Cloud. Users of the service began to receive notifications via e-mail a few weeks ago. Starting next month, the backup feature will only be available for pre-installed apps. Data uploaded by users is also not threatened yet, which cannot be said about third-party app backups already saved on the cloud. In addition to not being able to upload new backups to Samsung Cloud, users will face another inconvenience. All third-party app backups already saved in the cloud will be deleted on February 6 this year. To prevent the loss of important information, it is recommended to start looking for a new cloud storage for its storage. For example, Mail.Ru Cloud, Yandex.Disk or Google Disk, which also has a function to create and store backups.