Facebook has introduced a feature in its messenger to publish disappearing photos and videos

10 March 2017
The function of publishing disappearing stories, which appeared quite a long time ago on Snapchat, turned out to be so popular among users that many other developers rushed to adopt it. Today you can use this function in Instagram, WhatsApp, and even VKontakte. Now representatives of Facebook have announced the appearance of the possibility to publish photos and videos, which are automatically deleted after 24 hours, in Messenger application.Like in the case of "stories", the function "My Day" allows creating photos and small videos through messenger, and then to publish them or share them with friends in personal or group chats. At the same time, the recordings can be made even more interesting, thanks to a large number of built-in effects. You can add images to your "day" directly from the dialogs. The corresponding button will appear under the uploaded photos. In this case, all chat partners will be notified about the addition of "day" of other users involved in the conversation. Messenger Day feature has been officially implemented in the messenger from Facebook and will be available to all users of Android and iOS in the near future. So far, there is no information about whether the owners of gadgets running Windows 10 will be able to use it. However, the company has already implemented a clone of the popular Snapchat "story creation" feature in its Instagram and WhatsApp apps for Microsoft's mobile OS. This gives some hope that users of "10" will also be able to try the innovation on their gadgets.